Posted on Feb 24, 2020

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"The Typography Primer Book by Adobe: Free PDF Download"

This book is an absolute treasure trove of typographical knowledge; to say it's 'primer' is a slight understatement IMVHO

If you're new to design, then you have a terrific free resource right here


The Index
There isn’t an index, so here’s a run-down of what’s included within the Typography Primer, the glossary at the end runs to 7 pages in and of itself!

1. What’s in a Letter
2. Serif & Sans Serif
3. x-height
4. Measuring Type: Type Height, Type Width
5. Variations on a Theme
6. Spacing: Monospaced vs Proportional, Line Length, Leading, Word and Letter Spacing
7. Typographic Colour
8. Using the Right Character:
Italics, Boldface and Uppercase, Optical Sizes, Getting Your Quotes Right, Using the Experts, Upper and Lowercase Numbers, Small Capitals
9. Alignment
10. Copyfitting
11. Choosing and Using Typefaces
12. Choosing Text Fonts for Body Copy
13. Choosing Fonts for Headlines
14. Serif versus Sans Serif
15. Display and Decorative Typefaces
16. Combining Typefaces in a Publication
17. Additional Tips:
Bullets, Hanging Indents, Reversed Text, Using Styles, Keeping it Simple
18. Glossary of Typographic Terms

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