Posted on 05-Aug-2019

The Logo Smith

Mini Logo Design Tip: How Big Should My Logo Be?

Thought this little logo design tip could come in useful, especially when explaining to a client how big or small their logo design should be.
It’s only a rough rule-of-thumb, but it’s not far off for most situations.
So think of a traditional wax seal, or rubber stamp, and how much space they usually take up on a letterhead, or complement slip?

For the most part, especially the wax seals, they are not that big.

A typical rubber stamp size is a good guide for a round style logo mark, and I wouldn’t want to take a logo mark any bigger than this.

I’ve just done a crude mock-up of my circular logo for the ink stamp example (above), then placed my contact info on the compliment slip (below) for context.

It’s not an exact science, but I think keeping in mind a wax seal, or a round rubber stamp, is a good visual reference when explaining things to clients.
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