Posted on 02-Sep-2019

The Logo Smith

This is an incredibly useful selection of 100 colour swatches and colour combinations that the people over at Canva have painstakingly put together for us.

ColourLovers used to be my go-t0, but it's a bit of a mess now, so I'm always on the look out for new places to gather new colour combinations and swatches.

What I like about these colour swatches by Canva is that all 100 are based on a palette of 4 colours, rather than 5 or 6, which makes it a little easier to find and adapt for any logo design projects.

Canva haven't just thrown any old combination of colours together, but instead have based each one on various themes: nature, food & drink, travel and other everyday items.

Each set of colour combinations have presented each 4 colour swatch against a suitable background colour, which in theory is your 5th colour to use.
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