Posted on 23-Aug-2019

The Logo Smith

Nike Swoosh Logo vs Newport Cigarettes Swoosh Logo

This is not new news by any stretch of the imagination, but how many people seem to realise how the Nike Swoosh logo resembles the classic Newport Cigarette logo, at least when turned upside down?
Either you know and it’s old news, you know and don’t care, or it’s new news to you. I recall hearing about this a while back, but it left my memory an equally long time ago.
It is however an interesting example of how one brand mark, Nike in this case, is late to the party. That through sheer dominance, exerts it’s brand awareness to a point where no one would even think to question they were not originators of the so called infamous ‘Swoosh’.
In an ideal world, which of course this isn’t, but it it were, the ‘swoosh’ should be referred to as the Newport Swoosh, but personally don’t see that taking off.

Nike and Newport History

It’s a little but more interesting though when you dig around the history of the two companies.
Newport was introduced in 1957, a brand of menthol cigarettes produced by Lorillard Tobacco Company of Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.
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