Posted on Aug 8, 2019

The Logo Smith

Client Testimonial for The Logo Smith: “Abacus Insurance approached Graham at a pivotal time for our company. We struggled with conflicting opinions about how to best position our business and unique software platform in the insurance marketplace. And what direction we should be taking to continue our growth.

Before starting on the logo design process, Graham helped us tremedously by firstly getting us to focus on a core message. For Graham, it was clear this was not just about designing a logo for us, but also help us define our new brand, something we had not expected as part of the initial project scope.

We needed a new logo and brand identity design that would convey in a simple way exactly what we stand for. The concept of “Insurance Intelligently Delivered” has been our driving force ever since. We have rallied our employees, business partners, and customers around that phrase. And it is our continued call to excellence.

Graham’s logo design process, and meticulous attention to detail, created for us a logo and branding that has far exceeded our expectations.

I believe it accurately represents the uniqueness of our business. And will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Kevin Lewin – Abacus Insurance
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