Posted on Feb 4, 2020

The Logo Smith

This is a Logo Guidelines Poster and Illustrator Template that I've created for a recent client of mine, SuperblyCo.

You can download a free copy of these Logo Guidelines further down in this post.

As this particular set of logo guidelines is pretty unique, in so much as the space given to the 12 logo lock-up's (6 positive and 6 negative), as well as the Construction section for the SuperblyCo S Monogram, you'll likely be wanting to change the layout of this to suite your own needs.

These are the 2 main logo layouts that SuperblyCo will be using, with a positive and negative version for both layouts, as seen in these Guidelines.

I think it will still be useful for you as a starting point for your own logo guidelines, given the vertical and horizontal flexibility with the 3 horizontal and the 8 vertical grid format.
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