Posted on 10-Feb-2019

The Logo Smith

Design Tests? Yeah, that's a no from me. I've Tweeted about this a few times, typically after someone has had the audacity to ask me to do a Design Test before they'd consider hiring me.

This all might sound overly cynical, but I surely can't see any way to justify a Design Test, based on the assumption the designer has been approached and not the other way around.

I can't think of any good reason why any designer would put themselves at risk of doing a Design Test, other than a small chance of getting a job. You've got more chance of not being hired after a doing a Design Test, than you do if you oblige.

Just say No to Design Tests, please.

There's no reason you should be expected, let alone asked, to do a Design Test for someone you don't know, for a job you're not likely going to get.

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